HM Blesses Dassai Tika

His Majesty The King visited the Devi Panchayan Mandir at Kuenselphodrang this morning and offered prayers on Durga Puja on 21st October 2023.

Durga Puja is held ahead of Dassai, which falls on the 24th of October this year. The Prime Minister, senior government officials, and representatives of the Hindu Dharma Samudaya attended the puja. Members of the Hindu community in Thimphu also visited the mandir to meet with His Majesty and offer prayers together.

As is tradition ahead of Dassai, His Majesty blessed the Dassai tika which will be sent to dzongkhags across Bhutan. Dassai is celebrated by the Hindu community in Bhutan with tika from parental figures, symbolizing their blessings and protection. As The King is considered the personification of Vishnu, as well as a father figure to all His people, Dassai tika from His Majesty is regarded as the most sacred of blessings.

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