HM Grants Audience to 18th Batch DeSuups

His Majesty The King granted an Audience to the participants of the 18th Batch DeSuung Voluntary Programme.

His Majesty shared the vision behind DeSuung, and told the Desuups that their service to the nation would help build the kind of future that we envision for Bhutan. His Majesty reminded the participants, who, in this batch, comprise of teachers, to inculcate the important habit of reading in their students.

The 18th Batch DeSuups began their training on the 4th of January. Upon the completion of their training on the 23rd, the 84 men and 40 women will bring the total strength of DeSuups in the country to 2,139.

During the 3-week training, DeSuups train for basic rescue operations and disaster management, physical training, sports, and drill, and attend lectures from various agencies related to first aid, disaster preparedness and management.

As DeSuups, the participants are part of a nationwide fraternity, who volunteer to provide aid and support to the public during national events, and in times of disaster. DeSuups have also been involved in community service, organising clean-up campaigns and blood donation drives.



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