Home Minister: Focus on crime and security

In light of increasing youth crime in country and border crimes, Home Minister, Lyonpo Dawa Gyeltshen, shared some of his concerns on the issues. Lyonpo said that though the government is in full swing to cut down the youth crime rate and border kidnapping, it is also the responsibility of the Bhutanese citizens to help tackle the issues.             “Youth crime is not happening because they want to commit the crime. It is, sometime, all because of the peer influence,” Lyonpo said, adding the youth that commit crimes is not due to the unemployment issue, but mainly due to the company they keep, and the quality of care and nurturing provided by their parents. “Crime doesn’t happen, it’s been caused by certain drawbacks and poor care of the parents”.           “When parents fail to give time to their children, they (children) get discouraged. And once the youth are being neglected by their parents then they have a tendency to get into drugs and crimes,” Lyonpo further added.

Talking about the kidnapping that is happening around the border areas, especially in the south, Lyonpo said His Majesty the King has commanded for security and safety to be increased along the borders.

He said the ministry holds timely border security meetings to discuss border related issues at the level of dzongkhags and gewogs, and law and order level. Lyonpo said the ministry is always in touch with its counterparts in India.

He said there cannot be 100 percent safety, especially for the people living around the border areas. He said the people must be equally vigilant and responsible for their own safety.

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