House razed to the ground

On 5 January 2016, a semi permanent house was razed to ground at around 7.30 om at Sherubling Higher Secondary School, Trongsa.

The house was occupied by Sonam Gyeltshen, a teacher in Sherubling Primary school and during the time of incident the house was empty and so there was no casualty.

Police said that they could not recover anything from the scene and the cause of fire is unknown.

Upon talking with the family, the mother said that, they said that they were in Bumthang during the time of incident except their two children.

She said that,she herself along with her husband went to Bumthang for a vacation and left their two children at home. She said, “I came to know about the incident at 9 am on 6th January and went down immediately whereby we reached at 1:30 pm and by the time noting was left”.

During the night of incident, she said that her eldest son was calling them saying that they are going for dinner but she has advised only one to go and not to keep the house empty.

“Upon being called time and again by the children we advised them to go but to see and make sure that every lights are put off”, she said.

She also said that, she found out from the neighbor that, the fire seems to have started from the kitchen and on hearing the blasting of gas they couldn’t do anything out of fear.

“The house is a staff quarter and though we don’t own the house, we lost everything to the fire. It is disheartening that everyone was helpless”, she said.

The received a certain amount from their staff-mates, who contributed for them.

In addition, the shopkeepers provided them with kitchen articles and some provided them with mattresses and cloth.


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