Housing Crisis in Phuentsholing

Dear Sir,

Bhutanese citizens staying in Jaigaon have been facing many well documented problems all stemming from the fact that they cannot get adequate housing in Phuentsholing due to the non-availability of apartments and also the high rents.

While the people here were hoping that as the demand was so high eventually the supply would catch up by landlords building more houses the restriction of credit put an end to such hopes. The lack of credit also ensured that even some of us who have vacant plots in Phuentsholing could not build our own small houses.

I have recently read in this paper that the government and RMA are considering lifting restrictions on housing loans. I would welcome such a move as it would allow for people to build again within Bhutan and so less Bhutanese people have to stay across the border.

At the same time government agencies can also help with agencies like the NHDC and MoWHS which can use vacant government land and build more housing for civil servants which would automatically reduce the overall demand.

The Phuentsholing Thromde should also do more to encourage Bhutanese people have the option of building houses more easily within Phuentsholing.

The government should also seriously look at the Amochu land reclamation project to ensure that Phuntsholing can be expanded and more people can fit. A bigger Phuntsholing ultimately will mean a more prosperous Bhutan as it is a trading and industrial hub.

Phurpa Tshering


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