How PDP swept all four constituencies in Samtse

In a resounding electoral triumph, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has secured victories in all four constituencies in Samtse, amassing a total of 15,870 votes. The PDP’s dominance reaffirms its standing as a formidable force in Bhutanese politics.

DN Dhungyel emerged triumphant from Phuentshogpelri Samtse Constituency in Samtse with an impressive 3,863 votes (3,075 EVM and 788 PB). Expressing his gratitude, DN Dhungyel attributed his victory to his unwavering dedication, constant engagement with the people, and the palpable excitement and trust instilled in the party. Dhungyel said “I am very thankful to the constituents who have shown their faith in the party and its ability.”

Sangay Khandu secured victory in Tashichhoeling Constituency, Samtse with 3,627 votes (2,565 EVM and 1,062 PB). He said, “People have hope in us as a party. We have left a legacy of delivering promises and building trust. We will live up to those expectations and continue delivering promises beyond what is expected.”

Likewise, Dimple Thapa triumphed in Ugyentse-Yoeseltse Constituency, Samtse securing 3,523 votes (2,592 EVM and 931 PB). She attributed her success to the party’s leadership, a dedicated team of candidates committed to serving Tsa Wa Sum, and a manifesto offering holistic solutions to current public challenges.

She emphasized, “The public’s trust in our party and candidates who can deliver on pledges played a crucial role.”

Ugyen Lama clinched victory in Dopuchen-Tading with an impressive 4,857 votes (3,648 EVM and 1,209 PB), securing the PDP’s dominance.

The candidates’ commitment to service and the party’s robust manifesto have resonated strongly with the electorate. The trust placed in the PDP is evident in the overwhelming support received across all constituencies.

As Bhutan reflects on this electoral outcome, analysts are likely to spotlight the PDP’s winning formula, emphasizing the significance of strong leadership, dedicated candidates, and a comprehensive manifesto.

Bhutan Tendrel Party secured a distant second spot with 4,904 votes in Samtse.

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