How PDP won in Shompangkha and Gelephu

In a significant victory, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has won in both constituencies of Sarpang during the Primary Round of the Fourth Parliamentary Elections 2023-2024, showcasing an overwhelming support from the people. In the Shompangkha Constituency, PDP secured a landslide win with 3,758 EVM votes and 1,107 Postal Ballots (PB) with a total of 4,865 votes, leaving the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) in second place with 1,203 EVM votes and 383 postal votes with the total of 1,586 votes.

Dr T.B Rai, the leading candidate from the Shompangkha Constituency, shared that democracy has been established in Bhutan for approximately 15 years and he highlighted the citizens’ awareness of their rights to select a government. He also shared the significance of the manifestos that resonates with public needs. Dr T.B Rai said, “PDP has successfully delivered what was promised, earning the trust of the people.” He expressed his acknowledgement towards the people for their support.

BTP secured 1,586 votes to come in second in Shompangkha.

Meanwhile, in the Gelephu Constituency, PDP achieved yet another impressive win with 3,582 EVM votes and 2,045 PB, accumulating a total of 5,627 votes.

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) claimed the second position with a combined total of 2,399 votes from both EVM and PB.

In the Gelephu constituency, Harka Singh Tamang, the PDP candidate, humbly acknowledged that his lead is not just about his personal victory, but a collaborative achievement, reflecting the unity and commitment of the entire team. He emphasized the crucial contributions of coordinators, the hard work and dedication of the party president, and, most significantly, the trust given to him by the people.

The results reflect a clear mandate from the people, emphasizing PDP’s popularity in the region with PDP securing a total of 10,492 votes from both the constituencies in Sarpang.

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