How to file taxes online after new extensions

The Department of Revenue and Customs (DRC) notified the general public that the PIT date has been here on extended until 31st of March 2021 and filing of BIT and CIT has been extended till 30th April 2021. Tax payers have been requested to file their taxes online through the RAMIS system which is hosted on the official DRC website.

One of the DRC officials said that the site is safe and if people are unable to login through the “Register Taxpayer” tab on the top-left of the DRC homepage, they can avail the “RAMIS (Alternative)” tab in the middle of the homepage.

To register online, people are asked to visit where they can find the “Register Taxpayer” tab at the top-left of the website.

On being directed to the next page, the user can select one of the categories of tax payers; individual- which includes salaried, rental, dividend and interest income, business- includes individual or partnership or others, corporate business (company registration “for incorporated company”) or exempted organizations such as Civil Society Organization (CSO) or Civil Religious Organization (CRO).

The complete and more intuitive visual details on how to register can be availed on the official DRC Facebook page shown in a tutorial video on “how to file taxes online”.

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