HRH The Gyalsey’s birth celebration plans from Thimphu to Wangdue

Every gewog in the country has a Nu 10,000 budget to celebrate Gyelsay’s first birth anniversary, which is being utilised to offer Kurim and Karmey Tongchoe and recite Kanjur and Bum and conduct other religious activities.


Thimphu Dzongkhag

The eight gewogs under Thimphu Dzongkhag are taking different initiatives in their respective gewogs according to the dzongkhag cultural officer, Dorji. Thimphu Dzongkhag will recite Bum and Kanjur in every gewog and the dzongkhag will give Tokha to 335 people working with different projects like Wangdetshe, Phajodhing, Tango, Cheri and Tashichoe Dzong.


Chukha Dzongkhag

In Chukha dzongkhag, the Kanjur will be recited in Chapcha, Gealing, Sampeling and Phuentsholing gewogs. The dzongkhag administration will be giving Tokha to workers of the Rinchending Melarepa Lhakhang construction.

The dzongkhag agriculture sector will offer Karmey Tongchoe and hoist Lungdhar and Tshedhar at Gaikuree, 15 kms from Phuentsholing.


Haa dzongkhag

On 29 January, Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay attended salang tendrel for the construction of Droelma Nyinam chorten in Tergola, Haa, dedicated to the wellbeing of His Royal Highness The Gyalsey and the people of Bhutan.

Other initiatives are recitation of Gyem Chamdrel Sum at Lhakhang Karpo by the Haa Rabdey and recitation of Choe Bum will be carried out and in few monasteries. The recitation of Dro Tshedrup is being done.


Wangdue Dzongkhag

In Wangdue Dzongkhag, Salang Tendrel for the construction of Chorten in Pelela pass will be done on 5 February dedicated to The Gyalesy’s first birth anniversary. There will be offering of Kurim in monasteries and the dzongkhag administration will conduct a cleaning campaign.

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