Husband batters wife, suspecting her of having an illicit affair

A 35-year old housewife filed a complaint against her husband and in-laws for allegedly harassing and battering her on March 19.

Police have detained the husband on charges of battery and suspect it to be the fallout of an extramarital affair. The husband reportedly suspected her of having an affair with someone and had warned her several times before.

According to the suspect’s statement, his wife came home late often and on the day she was attacked he had caught her red-handed with another man. She was then knifed on her head and  suffered a deep cut on her left arm.

The case was reported to the police at around 9:30 pm  half an hour after the incident took place.

Police said that the man is a diabetic patient who was earlier a taxi driver and now owns a prominent bar in Jungshina in Thimphu.

He confessed upon detention that he battered his wife out of  frustration after his wife failed to listen  to repeated warnings.

Meanwhile, the wife is undergoing medical treatment in Jigme Dorji Wangchuk Hospital  for multiple head injuries and slashes on her arm. The victim is a mother of three children and she is currently in a stable condition, according to the hospital authorities.

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  1. infidelity is the main cause of domestic violence and divorce in our country.

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