Husband detained for beating wife

The Thimphu police have detained a 24-year man for beating his 23-year old wife,

The incident, which occurred on the night of on the night of August 28, was reported to the police by an unidentified caller . Police, on reaching the location near the IT Park area in Babesa, found that the husband had used a plank to beat his wife.

Police learned that the husband has beaten his wife after she came home drunk. The wife had bruises all over her body. The husband is from Trashigang and his wife is from Pemagatsel.

In another incident on the same night police received a report that a 33-year old man had been stabbed near the Hyundai showroom in Babesa.

The man from Dagana alleged that his 27 years old girlfriend had stabbed him. However, it was found that the man, who is mechanic, had stabbed himself and cut his hand and chest.

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