Hypocrisy of the West

The ongoing attack and blockade on Gaza will have profound impacts beyond just Palestine.

Never has a single incident exposed so much the double standards of the west and their lectures to others on human rights, freedom of expression etc.

They will never recover their moral credibility. The ugly incident has also taken out the thin veneer of fairness of the current international system and power structure.

It is clear that underneath it all the international system is still run as a modified version of the colonial system of the past. 

 The current international western run system can run successfully not only due to the power of the US and it allies but it’s acceptance by others for the mutual good including even Russia and China

There is a moral and mutual benefit logic to things like a rules based system etc. 

It is our acceptance of this rules based order due to which we all condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

While USA and its allies supplied weapons to Ukraine the moral weight came from the other countries, including the global south.

The hypocritical behaviour of the US and the west over Gaza has harmed the moral fabric and basis of this western run international system. The initial blows were already struck during the Iraq invasion but Gaza has brought the issue into our living rooms and hearts.

Gaza has shown that the collective west is supporting the attack on civilians in Gaza by even offering the weapons or giving the international political cover for it. Palestinians are seen as brown skinned savages, terrorists and sub-humans going against the fair skinned western origin Israelis.

The exposure of the hypocritical and racist western system comes at a time when the global south and east is gaining strength and economic power and the west is slowly but gradually declining. It comes at a time when developing countries want to change the international architecture.

As nations gained independence from after WWII to as late as the 1980s it was assumed colonialism and the attitudes that came with it is history. More so as the Cold War ended. But Gaza shows application of international law is dependent on your religion, skin colour, region etc.

In many ways Gaza has exposed the hypocrisy and reality of the western run international system. It has exposed the hypocrisy of its governments, institutions, businesses, media, experts and more. Things will never be the same again.

“One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.”
John Lennon

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