Hypothermia killed woman lawyer found in Kabesa

The forensic report on the cause of death of the 34-year-old woman found in Dagalapang, Kabesa in Thimphu last week revealed that the she has died due to hypothermia, which was caused by prolonged exposures to very cold temperatures. No physical injury was found on her body.

The report also revealed the presence of alcohol in her bloodstream, and that the incident likely occurred four to eight hours before the body was found.

On 27 December 2023 morning, a passerby saw the woman’s body along a roadside drain and reported it to the police.

The deceased woman was wearing a black high neck top. Her jacket and one of her shoes were not on her body, along with her handbag which had her phone and an empty bottle of liquor were lying beside her dead body.

Her body was immediately sent for medical examination and later handed over to the family members.

Initially, it was reported that she was residing in Chubachu and the reason for her presence in Kabisa or how her body ended up there remained unknown.

However, the RBP team after investigation came to know that she was on her way to meet her friend, who was actually residing in Chabina.

CCTV footage revealed that around midnight 12:40 am, she was seen purchasing a liquor from a bar and then bought a few bottles from a liquor shop in Chubachu. She then goes in a taxi.

After interrogating the taxi driver, it was known that she was on her way to Chabina. However, when she reached the location where her dead body was found, she instructed the driver to stop the car and made her payment through MBoB, whereby the driver returned from the location.

The driver had claimed that she was already smelling of alcohol when she entered the taxi.

His statement was found collaborative since the timing were all matching upon verifying in the footages.

RBP shared that the foul play was ruled out since everything was recorded in the CCTV footage and the timing matched exactly. It was also known that she had made a call to her friend before she started moving from Chubachu. However, her friend, at the time, had already fallen asleep, so couldn’t respond.

It was known that the deceased was a lawyer. She had one child from her former husband.

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