‘I am going to visit every household to thank them individually:’ Phuentsholing Thrompon

The new Phuentsholing Thrompon, Uttar Kumar Rai, is from Nye Drag Demkhong. He was born and brought up in Phuentsholing. He has a degree in B.Com from North Bengal University, India and a degree in BscIT from Manipal University, India.

He has worked as a teacher and an IT executive before contesting for thrompon election in 2011. Thereafter, he started his own business in capital city.

The Bhutanese caught up with the newly elected Phuentsholing Thrompon for a Q&A session.

 What was your initial reaction on winning the election?

Uttar Kumar Rai: I felt glad, not as in I won the election, but I am glad because majority of the people have trusted my ability and my strength.

Among the pledges you have made, what will be your first move?

UKR: My first focus will be to minimize the housing shortage, then to address the traffic congestion matters and other road networks, especially in extended areas. Along with this, I also want to focus on providing reliable public services.

What would be your first step towards town development?

UKR: My first priority will be to continue with pre-existing plans of previous local government, without loss in its momentum, and to study the system of local government in Phuentsholing for better improvement in near future through research and discussion.

What do you think would be the challenges that you will face as a Thrompon and how will you manage to fulfill all your pledges within a 5 year of term?

UKR: I have no challenges to discuss as such, but I want to live upto the people’s expectation and to provide immediate solution to the existing problems.

I will manage to fulfill all pledges, in given term, by consulting with related departments, ministries, discussing with civil servants, asking support from our elected leaders, making good project proposals through staff motivation, and finding funds from the different agencies and donors.

Do you have any immediate plans to connect with your voters?

UKR: I am going soon to visit every individual and households in my six constituencies to thank them individually, as I did during my campaign time to get their support.







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