Lyonpo Jai Bir Rai

I have full confidence in bringing applied education: Education Minister

Clearly excited to take up his responsibility,Lyonpo J.B Rai, is confident to prove worthy of the people’s choice and his position as the new education minister.

Given his professional background as an economic and financial specialist, he is certain that his skills and resources will align with the vision and mission of the ministry. “I’ll first have to identify the gaps in whatever the two democratically elected governments have done so far, and based on which, we will form the strategy.”

The education minister said that the ministry can take advantage of his different skills to blend with the existing strategies and progress to a greater height. He said the past ministers in the last two terms came from education background, which guarantees a sound education blueprint and foundation.“I’m excited to go through blueprint and learn how it progressed.”

Lyonpo J.B Rai explained that are plenty of experts in the ministry so it doesn’t mandate that the minister come from an education background only. “Now what the ministry needs is some necessary policy amendments and effective resource management so that our teacher don’t leave the profession, and our students avail the best education system within the country itself.”He added that this would be the difference he would bring in the ministry.

Coming to accomplishing the pledges, he said that while all the pledges are equally important for the ministry, removing cutoff point for tenth grade sets a landmark in the education system.  “Firstly, this ensures two more year of education for the economically disadvantaged ones, and secondly, it fulfills our ideology to narrow the gap.”

Lyonpo J.B Rai said that while narrowing the gap is being concentrated, the quality of education shall not be compromised. “There shall be no limitation in learning for providing right platform as per the interest of an individual is essential,” he said and further added“I have full confidence in bringing an applied education in children.”

The new education minister hopes to put in place a progressive education system with highly skilled and educated workforce being able to respond to the demand of the country. “I see the morale of the teachers being uplifted and our student having higher values both in aptitude and attitude.”

The 45-year-old minister, and a father of three,has a Masters in Business Administration and is a former civil servant and business consultant.


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