I Pledge to Live Like The Great Fourth

Of course how could we help not making the celebration so grand for the King as great as His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck whose vision for the country and compassion for his people are only comparable to the God himself. But when I see so much of sound and fury of lavish dedications to the King who always chose quieter and humbler life I wonder if what we are doing is even agreeable to the great one.

As much as I know of the Great Fourth, he would not approve of the extravagant show we are putting up in his name, some of which are so petty that even an average person gets goose bumps. How can we attach the name of the noble celebration on every little thing we do? How can we be so wasteful in the name of the King who has always been so judicious?

He would rather want the drains cleared and streets cleaned at all times; He would wish the potholes be filled and gardens watered beyond November. He would want us to build monuments that are useful to people after the celebration.

He would wish parents to spend time with their children and children care for their aged parents everyday. He would want us to do our jobs well without excuses and be incorruptible. He would wish us to be humble and helpful to people around us. He would want us be simple and satisfied in life. He would want us to do meaningful things that would last beyond the celebration and add value to people’s life.

If we could pledge to be as genuine as the Great Fourth himself, as humble, as sensible, as just, and as dedicated then we are giving the legendary King the best birthday gift ever. And that I pledge to thee, Your Majesty.

by Passang Tshering

The writer is a teacher at the Royal Academy

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