Improving Central Schools

While the government has come up with central schools to improve the quality of education, however, in the interim period since many of the physical infrastructures of the schools are yet to be built, some challenges are faced such as overcrowding, outbreak of diseases and generally poor facilities in existing schools designated as central schools.

Education minister Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk said, “In the interim, there are some challenges of overcrowding, risk of disease outbreak and insufficient facilities but very rapidly, our central schools are settling down in terms of infrastructure, teacher and resources.”

He said, “We are very mindful of that. We are monitoring the situations. But as of now we didn’t have any severe problems. We have minor problems but we are managing that”

“It will take time of one year or two year, but within that two years of time, 60 central schools would have proper boarding facilities, classroom, etc. All of these facilities would help to enable an enjoyable and enriching learning experience in the central schools” he added.

A total of 51 central schools have been established since 2015 where 27 are newly established based on studies on number of youth and population and the most remote part of the country.

“The core intention of the government to start with the central school is for a school-based reform programme and strategic intervention to provide a more wholesome quality education though an integrated and centrally located resource base good autonomous boarding school” said the Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk.

Lyonpo said that in addition to 51 existing central schools, the government is aiming to have 60 central schools by the end of the 11th plan.

By the beginning of the 12th plan, Lyonpo said that the country must have another 60 central schools making a total of 120 central schools across the country which will cover 70 percent of the student population.

“Which means 30 percent will be studying in the non-central schools in the urban area in Thimphu, Phuntsholing, Gelephu and the private schools” he said.

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