Incident Command System for Natural Disasters

An Incident Command System (ICS) is to be put in place during times of disaster. This was decided during the 4th Meeting of the National Disaster Management Authority last week under the Chairmanship of Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay.

Discussion on post disaster management; National Disaster Management Strategies; and the need for helipad for emergency landing took place amongst others.

Lyonchhen and the committee members also had a look at various equipment required during the disaster.

ICS consists of a standard management hierarchy and procedures for managing temporary incidents of any size. ICS procedures should be pre-established and sanctioned by participating authorities, and personnel should be well-trained prior to an incident.

ICS includes procedures to select and form temporary management hierarchies to control funds, personnel, facilities, equipment, and communications. Personnel are assigned according to established standards and procedures previously sanctioned by participating authorities. ICS is a system designed to be used or applied from the time an incident occurs until the requirement for management and operations no longer exist.

ICS is interdisciplinary and organizationally flexible to meet the challenges like meeting the needs of an area to cope with incidents of any kind or complexity and allows personnel from a wide variety of agencies to meld rapidly into a common management structure with common terminology.

It also provides logistical and administrative support to operational staff, is cost effective by avoiding duplication of efforts, and continuing overhead and importantly provide;s a unified, centrally authorized emergency organization.


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