Incumbent candidate who introduced own RTI bill wins Gasa

In Gasa incumbent NC MP Sangay Khandu (34) won by securing 603 votes of which 565 votes is from EVM and 38 votes are from Postal Ballots.

He said, “First I am happy that I will be able to serve for another five years and I wonder if I can meet the expectations of my people in my second term.”

The incumbent from Gasa also said that his main priorities would be at looking at the mineral sector, community business ownership, transparency related laws like Right To Information and some land issues like Tsamdro and Sokshing rights.

He defeated, Tenzin, 32, who obtained 407 votes and Yeshi Dorji, 34, who got 342 votes.

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  1. Congratulations Hon. Sangay Khandu. You are the only one who appears to have done something good for the country during your term.

    Please continue pushing for the RTI act. You have 5 more years to do that and we wish you all the luck. We the citizens of Bhutan desperately need transparency in Bhutan.

  2. By this does this Paper mean people of Gasa understood RTI. Bullshit….. anyway, congratulation to dasho and mu boot to paper…

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