Incumbent NC and ex-Thimphu Dzongda face off in 5 man Thimphu NC race

Nima Gyeltshen (Chang Gewog)

Nima Gyeltshen, 34, is the incumbent NC member from Thimphu. He has a Bachelor’s in Social and Legal Sciences. He worked for three years in the tourism sector, and was later nominated for 5 years as the National Council member.

“I want to act as a bridge between the government and people of Thimphu Dzongkhag in reviewing the policies and creating awareness on the laws, and with 5 years of experience in the National Council, I will be able to deliver all the pledges which I make during my campaign,” he said.

Tshewang Rinzin (Kawang)

Tshewang Rinzin, 54, holds a Master’s in Educational Administration. His diverse professional experience through the years includes having worked as a computer programmer, Royal Secretariat. He also worked as a teacher, Dzongkhag Education Officer, Chukha Drungpa, Mongar Dzongda, Chukha Dzongda, Trongsa Dzongda, and Thimphu Dzongda from 2015 until January 2018.

“It is important for the candidates to be well equipped with the required knowledge and experiences on the key issues the country is facing. I had the opportunity to serve in the local governance for more than 15 years, engaging directly with common people. I have travelled the length and breadth of the country on foot, making sure, I do not leave a single village or community unvisited in the dzongkhags that I have worked in,” said the former Dzongda.

He said that he is confident he will and can bring about changes in the lives of both young and old, especially the disadvantaged, with his years of experience and qualifications.

Leki Tshering (Ge-Nyen)

Leki Tshering, 39, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education, with 11 years of work experience in the education. In regard to his four other contenders, Leki Tshering said that all of them are capable in their own ways.

Leki Tshering said he believes in action rather than in saintly words, “To be honest, former members have done their job well and I believe that rather than saying I would bring this and that changes, wherein the politicians always promise the moon on the stick. But they fail to deliver unavoidably. For me, I would like to prove them first instead of telling them.”

“It would be wrong on my part to judge my opponents, but all I can say is that they are capable too. That’s why they are also elected from the first round. I only hope that the most deserving would win, who will serve the people and country with loyalty and utmost dedication.”

Tshokey Dorji (Thim Throm)

Tshokey Dorji, 33, studied Bachelor’s degree in Laws, Government Law College from Mumbai and Post Graduate Diploma in National Law (PGDNL) from Royal Institute of Management. He worked at High Court of Bhutan as a Legal Officer, Bhutan National Legal Institute as Legal Officer and as an attorney at Garuda Legal Services.

He said, “Building on the good work of the National Council in the past, as a lawyer, I intend to work on operationalizing legal aid services as laid down in our laws. I also intend to work and improve public service delivery and strengthen the rule of law to name a few.”

Sangay Tshering (Maedwang)

Sangay Tshering completed his Bachelor’s with major in accounting from Royal Thimphu College. He worked in Phama Trading and Bhutan Duty Free Limited.

“It starts with a vote, your vote. So I am calling on you, in 2018, to bring the necessary changes. Together, we can do this. The time has come for us, the youth, to take on the responsibilities.”

He said a happy society can be created through meaningful legislative and polices which is responsive to the voice of the citizen. “I wish to bridge the communication gap between the government and people,” said the NC aspirant.

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