Incumbent NC Deputy Chair faces three fiery debaters in Haa

If the fiery Haa common forum debate is anything to go by the incumbent NC Deputy Chair faces stiff competition from three new comers.

Tshering Dorji

Tshering Dorji, 44, from Chumpa, Bji geowg has served as the National Council (NC) member for two terms. He is contesting the NC seat this year. “I would like to use my own experience of last two terms as a legislator, of having interacted with the relevant institutions and people from all walks of life over the years, to fulfill the noble vision of a just and harmonious society,” he said. “I offer my profound gratitude to the people of Haa for having elected me as the National Council member for the last two terms.”

He holds a B.Sc, degree from Sherubtse College, PGCE, Royal University of Bhutan and Advance Diploma in University Teaching, University of New Brunswick, Canada and M.Sc, University of New England, Australia. He also did a Leadership Program for Parliamentarian in RIGSS and did a B.A in Buddhist Philosophy from the Institute of Mind Science under Zhung Dratshang.

He left his post as a lecturer in Sherubtse College in 2008. He said that happiness is the ultimate goal in people’s lives, and conscious pursuit of the goal for all is enshrined in the Constitution. He added, “A happy society can be created through meaningful legislations and policies, which respond to the voices of its citizen.”

Ngawang Tobgay

Ngawang Tobgay, 29, form Langpa-Nobgang, Samar gewog did double Bachelors in Arts and Law, BA LLB from India and Post Graduate Diploma in National Law (PGDNL) from Royal Institute of Management in 2017.

He volunteered for mass plantation of trees, paddy cultivation above Tendrelthang, and oral transmission of Kangyur Lung at Kuenselphodrang. He even provided free coaching classes for graduates preparing for PE in 2016 and 2017, and led a group of youth to raise concerns on the welfare of street food vendors.

He said that it is his solemn responsibility to combine his excitement for volunteerism and social service, with his educational background in law, to serve the nation and people.

“I am not participating in the NC elections because I am superior to the other candidates. I am doing so to fulfill my responsibility, as a Bhutanese, to serve and work for the welfare of our fellow citizens and for the security and sovereignty of our nation,” he said.


Likewise, Tobgay, 37, from Haa Throm, did B.Ed, English Primary, Samtse College of Education and worked as a teacher at Damthang LSS, Haa (2006-2008). He also taught at Khangrab CPS , Bumthang (2008-2010), and Tang MSS (2011- 2014) and took up his own business from 2014-2018.

“I am not a special person or a charismatic leader. I do not even possess any innate gifts for winning people’s votes, but having reasonable experiences, with a strong will to serve my country, has driven me this far.”

He said that he intends to bring forward the current concerns of the people with appropriate consultations, and intensely commit to framing harmonious and applicable acts, policies, bills and other legislation work. “If elected, I will put in my best effort to fulfill the needs and aspirations of people while safeguarding the sovereignty of the Kingdom,” he said.

Ugyen Namgay

Ugyen Namgay, 35, form Mochu, Sangbaykha gewog has a Masters of Public Policy from ANU, International Diploma from NUEPA, PG Diploma in Public Administration from RIM and BA (Dzongkha Honours) from ILCS, Semtokha.

He worked as a senior analyst at Office of Performance Management, PS of Education Minister, senior planning officer, MoE. He also worked as a producer in BBS and as a teacher at Chukha HSS.

He said that he possesses diverse work experiences and has committed leadership abilities as evident from past experiences, such his role as a prefect in his school, as a president of ABAC, chairperson of BAAA and Australia Awards ambassador to Bhutan.

“Born and brought up in a remote community, I feel I can represent the voice of ordinary people well. My motto this election is; an ordinary representative for ordinary people,” he said.

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