India allocates INR 54.90 bn for Bhutan in 2016-17 budget

The Union budget of the Indian government once again allocated the lion’s share of foreign aid and loans to Bhutan, in its 2016-2017 annual budget, presented a few days ago to the Indian Parliament.

Under the title of ‘Grants and Loans’ to foreign governments India allocated a total of INR 54.90 bn in grants and loans to Bhutan.

Of this amount Nu 12 bn in grants is part of the Nu 45 bn commitment made for Bhutan’s 11th plan by the Indian government.

The remaining Nu 42.90 bn in grants and loans is for the hydropower sector. Of this Nu 16.14 bn is by way of grants and Nu 26.75 bn is in loans.

In the revised 2014-15 budget of last year Bhutan got 12 bn for the 11th plan and 49.60 bn for the hydropower sector.

A distant second is Afghanistan who has received a total of Nu 700 mn followed by Myanmar at Nu 400 mn.

Nepal comes fourth with an aid of  Nu 300 mn.

Sri Lanka is getting Nu 230 mn while Bangladesh is getting Nu 150 mn. Maldives is getting Nu 40 mn.

All African countries are getting Nu 290 mn while other developing countries will get Nu 85.62 mn.


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