Indian man killed by an Elephant

A 35-year-old man from India was killed by a male elephant in the Manas National Park, located 12 km from Panbang towards Assam, India.

The deceased was from Kachu Gaon, Assam, India and was working as a caretaker in the park for the last 12 years.

The incident took place on February 3 at around 16:30 hrs when the deceased went to feed the elephant.

There are four elephants in the park, three females and one 17-year-old male called Dawa Norbu. As per the other workers in the park, Dawa Norbu was showing signs of depression or sadness before the incident.

It was during the feeding time that the caretaker was suddenly attacked the raging elephant that caught him by its trunk, and eventually gorged to death by its tusks.

Police said that the 8-year-old son of the deceased was on the scene and managed to escape unhurt. The boy had called for help and two other workers reached the scene.

“When we reached the scene, we couldn’t do anything as the elephant was out of control and there was a high chance of killing other people as well. So we left as it is and even couldn’t rescue the deceased,” the police said.

After a thorough investigation conducted by the police, the body of the deceased was handed over to his family on the same day.

Police said that the elephant is still out of control and workers are in progress to bringing the elephant under control.


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