Indian PM Manmohan Singh congratulates the PDP President

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president received a congratulatory letter from the Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh to on July 13. The letter congratulated the new government and its citizens, and gave assurance to of India’s steadfast and unflinching support to Bhutan.

The letter also invited the PDP President to come on a visit to India which the PDP President accepted.

The PM of India also conveyed that the bilateral ties between the two nations are anchored in a strong foundation of mutual trust, confidence, and understanding.

India also assured to keep its commitment to preserving unique and special traditional ties of friendship. India is the key country aiding Bhutan’s socio-economic progress and development, “India is, and will remain, sensitive to Bhutan and its interest”, Dr Singh added. Stating about planned assistance to Bhutan, he stated in the letter that he has already instructed officials to prepare for the discussions.

In his letter, he also expressed that the relations between two countries have been carefully nurtured and fostered from many decades ago, under the guidance and vision of the Kings of Bhutan.

He stated that Indian Government is looking forward to strengthening ties and to work together for further enhancement of cooperation benefiting the peoples of both countries.

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