Injured mule recovering

Cast off by the owner (highlanders of the region), tendons severely injured and infested with maggots, Besa, a mule was left untreated a week or more at Begana, Thimphu. Animal rescuer Jamie based at Lango, Paro, confirmed that a load of CGI had fallen on her, preventing her from proper leg movement and cause to be carrying any kind of load impossible.

On the night of January 3, Besa was transported to Lango with the help of Jangsa Animal Savings Trust. Next day, Besa’s wound was cleaned by Dr. Tenzin of Department of Veterinary Hospital, Paro. Jamie since then with her staff has been dressing her wounds two to three times a week. Jamie consulted Dr. Vlahos from Wyoming, USA, for advice on the best care and treatment for the injury. “Besa suffered from an Achilles’ tendon rupture. This resulted in her inability to put weight on her leg, and due to the excessive movement it could not possibly heal without immobilization,” Dr. Vlahos said. The doctor also said that the prognosis without long term committed care is certain failure of her opposite leg and eventual death.

Looking at the complexities of the injury in need of long-term care required for healing, Jamie decided to go for custom orthosis (basically a brace of sorts). She felt that this would enable faster healing and thereby have lesser risk to Besa from frequent medicine dosing and the inevitable challenges of caring for a large animal with open leg wounds.

The cost of the custom orthosis, Jamie says is $ 2,500 and expects total treatment costs will exceed $ 5,000. For building this, she said.

For Besa’s care, Jamie received some small contribution from the community but it was not sound enough. She hopes to recover costs from fundraising in the USA through Maya Foundation, a non-profit.

Jamie is happy that Besa has received a second chance of life. She said that it was possible through the joint efforts locally and abroad. She reckons the thoughtful residents of Begana, BARC, Jangsa Animal Savings, Paro veterinary doctors and hospital and the US veterinary doctor and company.

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