Innovative Corn crushing machine set to increase Tengma or Siip production

The introduction of an innovative and eco-friendly corn crushing machine by the Agriculture Machinery Centre (AMC) aims to increase the production of Tengma or Siip (crushed corn) and also save money on utility bills due to a more efficient machine design.

As per AMC’s research, the corn crushing machine that the farmers are currently using is either too expensive with diesel engines or made of substandard and non food graded materials.

Therefore, AMC have worked on an alternate eco-friendly and cheaper machine using food graded material like stainless steel. According to the mechanization specialists, AMC, the work plan for machine production is scheduled to be completed by December this year.

With the introduction of improved variety of maize, the corn production has increased by manifolds. The farmers in the country make a good amount of money through the sale of Tengma.

For the people in the east, the maize crop plays a critical role in household food security. A research carried out by the Renewable Natural Resources Research Centre in 2010 show that more than 37,000 households cultivate maize and an estimated 80% of the maize is consumed at the household level.

Most farmers in eastern Bhutan have benefitted from using the current machine to process Tengma. Some farmers in Mongar have earned more than Nu 40,000 in a year by selling Tengma.

A few farmers’ groups that own the machine usually earn about Nu 50,000 to 60,000 from the sale of Tengma in each year. This has motivated the farmers to cultivate maize twice in a year to keep the Tengma production going.

The AMC is optimistic that their plans of manufacturing the eco-friendly and handy machines would help enhance the production of Tengma or Siip in the country and help the farmers to earn more money.

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