Inspiring women in the political sphere

Kesang D Wangmo, 26, the youngest woman candidate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) representing the Dogar-Shaba constituency, Paro shared her views on the opportunities, challenges and issue concerning women to be raised in the second Parliament.

She stressed on the importance of women’s participation in politics for a vibrant democracy. “It is through democratic representation that women’s interest can be represented and their voices heard. Hence, it is important to promote temporary special measures, such as quotas, to increase participation

of women as both elected and appointed decision makers of women in public institutions,” she opined.

The Member of Parliament (MP) from Dogar-Shaba plans to table discussions on promotion of quotas for women, address the factors of violence against women, lack of child care, gender biased media reporting, and accountability of women’s right in public institutions in the Parliament.

She said, “The work life balance is invariably more difficult for women as they are generally expected to act as the primary caregiver. Women still play important role in looking after the children, the elderly, the husband, and the home.”

She also said, “Increasing women’s representation in politics can empower women and maximum women’s representation in the government is necessary to achieve gender parity. When a man dedicate to his job or politics he is respected, but when a women does the same thing and has kids, she is considered a bad mother. There are cultural expectations and demands.”

By joining politics, she hopes to encourage and motivate other capable and dedicated women to participate in the democratic process. She personally believes that women politicians can be more focused and determined in setting up things in the right direction, with high integrity and transparency. She also represent the youth, which is

the most crucial portion of the society. She hopes to ensure that voices of the youth are heard in the process of decision making at the highest level.

Before joining politics, Kesang D Wangmo served as a member of the Board of Directors for Kuzoo FM radio station, the first private radio station in Bhutan. She has also worked as a Goodwill Ambassador for Happy Green Cooperative, the first Bhutanese organic cooperatives launched by the group of youth entrepreneurs.

She has also worked an actor and has acted in eight Bhutanese movies to date.

Of the total 47 seats in the National Assembly, only three of the seats belong to women MPs.

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