Interim Government successfully dissolved

His Majesty The King granted a Royal Audience to the Interim Government on Monday on the completion of its term.

The Chief Justice Tshering Wangchuk, who was the Chief Advisor of the Interim Government, met with the representatives of the media at a press conference on Monday and informed that in accordance with Section 1 Article 19 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan, the Interim Government has completed its ninety-day term after the dissolution of the National Assembly.

The Chief Justice said that his term as the Chief Advisor of the Interim Government concluded successfully with the help of the other advisors and support from the civil servants. “The Interim Government has presented reports to His Majesty The King based on our observations.First report concerns the issues faced by civil servants even after 10 years of democracy in Bhutan, secondly, financial thrift, and procurement rules and regulations.”

The Chief Justice also said that His Majesty The King expressed His concern over the National Graduates Orientation Program and commanded for a more effective program.Various government agencies have also presented specific recommendations to His Majesty.

The Chief Justice commended the Election Commission of Bhutan for the successful conduct of the Third Parliamentary Election, National Assembly. “Transition is never easy and the government-elect is new, so in a way, I think it is good for a healthy democracy with the results reflecting better understanding of the democratic process by the electorates. I request all the secretaries and civil servants to extend their support to the new government and I have no doubt of a swift transition.”

Following the Royal Audience, members of the Interim Government led by the Chief Justice Tshering Wangchuk, Chief Advisor met the Cabinet Secretary, Government Secretaries and staff of the Cabinet Secretariat at the National Assembly, thanked the civil servants for their support in making the tenure of the Interim Government a success.

The Chief Advisor commended the civil servants for their service to the nation and expressed confidence that they will serve the incoming government with unstinted dedication in the service of the Tsa-Wa-Sum.

The Prime Minister-electDr Lotay Tshering received the Royal Kasho on the same day on his appointment as the next Prime Minister of Bhutan. His Majesty The King will confer Dakyen to the new Cabinet on the completion of the petition period on 7 November.

The Chief Justice also expressed gratitude to the media fraternity for responsibly covering the recent elections and highlighted thecritical role of media in democracy.

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