Investigation of death of 34-year-old kidney patient completed but further review awaited

The investigation of the death of a 34-year-old kidney patient, Sostika Gurung, in an isolation hotel in Thimphu on 28 January 2022 is completed and submitted to committee members of the Bhutan Medical and Health Council (BMHC) for further review.

An official from BMHC said there is a need for further review at the committee level, which is the final stage, as there are many processes to look into in the case. Therefore, as and when the case is completed, BMHC will inform the public on the outcome.

Krishna Gurung, the husband of the deceased, through a phone interview, said that just a month ago he had filed a formal complaint to the relevant agency to investigate the death of his wife. He also said that he has filed a complaint to create awareness, and not to blame anyone for his wife’s death.

“I am not blaming anyone for my wife’s death. But no one should also have to die like this, and so as to prevent similar deaths in the future, the investigation is needed,” said the husband.

Sostika Gurung was undergoing dialysis in Phuentsholing until she contracted the coronavirus, after which, she was referred to Thimphu for dialysis, with her husband accompanying her as the caregiver whose calls for help received a late response.

Meanwhile, BMHC started investigating the case after the media reports. BMHC said failure on the health professionals’ part in the incident will be investigated, and then actions will be taken accordingly.

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