Jackson Dukpa’s DGT submit’s application for registration with ECB

Druk Gaki Tshogpa (DGT) submitted an application for registration as a political party with Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) on 9th February.

Chheku Dukpa aka Jackson Dukpa, the president of the party said, “According to the Political Party Rules and Regulations 2015, an application for the registration as a political party shall be made to the commission within one month of the formation of the party. We had our first party convention on 14th January and after working incessantly for more than three weeks, we are now able to file for the registration of the party”.

He said, “I intended to file for registration within 10 days of party formation but registration of political party in Bhutan is not as easy as I thought. Starting a party is one thing, having a successful party is an entirely different matter. Finding members from all 47 constituencies was the most challenging task for us. There are many joining other parties and it is very difficult for us to find the members. We have 256 members with only 14 candidates confirmed”.

The Party president said, “I feel that ECB will accept our application and we shall be registered as a political party. DGT is the only political party to have 256 members during its registration”.

He said, “As per the Political Party Rules and Regulations 2015, an applicant party shall enjoy the rights and privileges of a political party under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan only upon being duly registered and notified so by the Registrar of Political parties, ECB”.

Chheku Drukpa said, “I am very confident that our application for registration shall not be rejected”.

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