Jajins defeats the Gryphons

Jajins scoring a basket

The first match of the fifth day of the summer basketball tournament yesterday was quite a well organized match considering that it was Jajins first match on the court.

Jajins took the lead by scoring 45 beating the Gryphons who lost by more than five baskets with their score of 30.

School students along with officer goers who dedicate time and energy for the spirit of the game gather at the venue every day. 17 matches have been played till now for the summer basketball championship, picking up tempo at the Nazhoen Pelri at YDF.

Tomorrow at 4 pm Jachung will play Effects at YDF.

On the sidelines of the tournament there is a basketball festival from 21 to 27 September where there are a lot of activities for the youth like games, talent show and food.

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