Jamyang Namgyal says pledges and school network helped him win

Jamyang Namgyal,34, born and brought up in Pemagatshel, from Shumar gewog, won the NC election with a total of 7,149 votes, including 4,593 PB and 2,556 EVM.

Securing the most votes from the PB than the EVM, Jamyang Namgyal shared that his entire schooling was completed in Pemagatshel and so he has a huge network, and most of them are civil servants. He said he was also well-known in his school days and that is why, he obtained the maximum number of votes through postal ballot.

He said there are many factors that people look at when they vote but the dominant factor would be his pledges. His pledges cover all Bhutanese from all walks of life.

His five priority areas of interventions, are Agriculture for Autonomy and Advancement, Culture and Community for Continuity, Education for Employment and Empowerment, Entrepreneurship for Equality and Economy and Bridge between Bureaucracy and Bhutanese.

“I will work towards making you and your family’s life better than it was during our meeting on the campaign trail. In doing so, we can build resilient families, vibrant communities, and a better Bhutan,” said Jamyang Namgyal.

He promises to reach out to every individual, near and far, to seek the advice and suggestions pertaining to different legislative and policy agendas of the parliament and beyond.

He believes that collective efforts with renewed vigor and resolve, guided by the shared values and aspirations that bind them together as a community will go a long way in making the lives of each one better, more fruitful, and more productive.

Jamyang Namgyal was humbled by the love and support bestowed upon him, he thanked all his voters and now he is ready to shoulder responsibilities as a representative in the august hall of the National Council.

“I have already started working on the five pledges and promise to give a full commitment to fulfill my pledges,” he further said.

Jamyang Namgyal worked as a Statistical Analyst for Bhutan Survey Agent and Consultancy and he has worked as Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for almost 10 years.

He has studied BVSc and AH at Pondicherry University in India and has a Master of Sciences in Vector Ecology and Disease Modelling at the University of Calgary in Canada.

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