JDWNRH to solve waiting time problem for patients

One of the many ways to deliver efficient hospital service to the patients is to reduce the waiting time. The Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital (JDWNRH), with its autonomous status is doing just that. The Medical Superintendent of JDWNRH, Dr Gosar Pemba said setting up an appointment system will curb the waiting time for patients.

He added that the appointment system will restrict the numbers of patients visiting the doctor unlike the walk-in patients that stand in queues. The average patients per doctor per day would be fixed at 50. This is expected to ensure for a better quality of services. It also depends on the number of doctors in the chambers of each department.

Dr Pemba said they have already introduced such initiatives in some departments, like gynecology and orthopedic. There are 18 departments in the hospital, and most of the departments have more than four doctors. He also said that the country has only one psychiatrist as of now.

“For quality service, doctors must see fewer patients, to have more time for interaction,” he added. It is also expected to help doctors make better diagnosis. He added that in the advanced and developed countries, doctors see few patients enabling them to have more time to check up and enhance the quality of service.

“If people want better service, they need to abide by the rules,” he added. Before the autonomy of the hospital, he said that the management was run by a few skeletons staff with no planning units. Now, he is positive that with full fledged team comprising of the President, planning units and other additional staff, and with proper planning the image of the JDWNRH in next five to ten years would be strengthened.

In line with strengthening the hospital, he added that the supply chain of medicines, equipment and drugs has to be improved. He also said there is a need for manpower improvement in terms of management, clinical and supporting staff. In line with the shortage of clinical staff, he added that Bhutan has only one Gynosurgeon, one Oncosurgeon and one psychiatrist. He said one-third of the referral cases abroad are related to cancer as there is a difficulty in treating cancer in the country.

“For the hospital to function properly, it needs to strengthen all these areas that are one of the first priorities within the next six months,” Dr Pemba added.

He said the hospital will work to improve the areas within a short time frame and enhance the image of the hospital. Dr Pemba said there are many long-term plans to carry out, for which the hospital is doing organizational development exercise along with the Royal Civil Service Commission.

Meanwhile, the hospital is working on fund allocation to set up a child and women healthcare centre next to the current hospital and recreational facilities around the hospital.

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