Jigme Zangpo stops DPT landslide victory

If not for the Jigme Zangpo factor which played a big role in denying a probable landslide victory for the DPT in Mongar dzongkhag, the former ruling party would have delivered a crushing defeat to the other parties.
From the Dremitse-Ngatshang constituency, the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) secured 817 votes from Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and 223 votes as per the postal ballot making the total 1,040.
Jigme Zangpo from Monggar constituency secured 1,367 votes through EVM and 336 postal votes for his party, DNT while DPT got 1,814 votes from EVM and 511 postal ballots.
While from the Kengkhar-Weringla constituency, DNT managed 596 EVM votes and 150 from postal ballots. Meanwhile DPT got 2,258 EVM votes and 648 postal ballots from Kengkhar-Weringla constituency.
Many voters at various polling stations said and agreed that they had come to vote for Jigme Zangpo and his party.
Tenzin Dorji, 40 from Yagpoogang village, said that he voted for DNT because of Jigme Zangpo.
“I find him a capable candidate and he is popular among the people in Mongar, so that is why I voted for him,” he said.
Another man from the same village expressed similar views on Jigme Zangpo.
Though DNT could not make its stand for the winning position it denied DPT the landslide victory it was headed for. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) secured 440 EVM votes and 317 postal ballot votes from Mongar constituency.
The Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) just managed to secure 144 votes through EVM 17 votes from postal ballots in the constituency.
From the Kengkhar-Weringla constituency, DCT secured a total of 118 votes combining both EVM and postal ballot while PDP got 736 combined votes.
There were maximum female voters in Mongar dzongkhag and it has 31,926 eligible voters.
The candidate for the Dremitse-Ngatshang constituency, Ugyen Wangdi of DPT said that he is happy for his party and is satisfied with the outcome.The other DPT candidate, Karma Lhamo however seemed not so happy with the result.


Chencho Dema 

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  1. I am actually supporting PDP and two New parties, and  given my vote to one of them. Now I totally regretted voting for them, because at the time I was voting through postal ballot, much of the common forum and pledges were not taken into plathform. After listening to their common forum it was disheartening to learn that PDP, pledging that they make sure that 20,00000 lakhs in each gewog  annually. Just simple calculation (20, 00000 * 205 =41,00,00000)  from where they will get those many money. Also blacktopping the farm roads, I think farm roads cannot be black top in first place. If you really wants to black top it, it will cost more than two hydropower ( equivalent to Punachangchhu) construction cost. again the question is from where the money will they get from. other than that they made many big promises like buying two Helicopter increasing civil servant pay, allotting farm machines to all the farmers etc.
    By listening to such pledges I was really wondering that PDP is stepping to brain wash the innocent people brain just to lure the vote and come into power and then just forget it. It is important for people to know who is behind the PDP. PDP if comes to the power than people will really suffer as there were many who wants to lead Bhutan to worst path. be careful citizens of bhutan while voting.It is good DPT and PDP anr through in Final election. But I worry that PDP should not be given advantage to Rule but can be a good opposition.

    • Bhutanese people are very clever.They know whom to vote, for another five years we need DPT to run the show. They have done many development activities in and around the country which every Bhutanese knows if they read in depth, and also most importantly these senior ministers and president Jigme Y Thinlay can play crucial role while getting foreign aids and facing for international media with regard to sensitive issues. The present OL looks  unpragmatic  and too negative minded which requires more exercise to be done. After five years I am sure he will be a good leader    

      • hahah….we should also keep in mind that foreign aids are not based on the baldness of our present ministers, and u should realise the realistic approach for the pdp.if u r a civil servant u will realise y u would not go for dpt and if u r a true bhutanese u will once more think back on voting for dppt president and ministers as they are catching hold of all the bhutanese properties.

        • Please tell us how voting for DPT makes you not a true Bhutanese, these are the types of people who support the PDP. And what business are they catching hold of, can you please explain. What a pathetic thing to say.

    • I too support Mr/Mrs. Pun very strongly..by saying this i don’t mean i am and was always supporter of DPT!! Being educated and employed as CS..i too understood what democracy, politics and what and how party promises should be with regard to Bhutanese government and at this stage!!! I always appreciated ex-OL and ex-PM speeches and found equally awesome..but after hearing ex-OL such a huge and unachievable promises within our country’s budget limit..big doubt arose my mind saying how PDP can deliver such huge promises…to say from mouth is very very easy..but to do practically and technically is very tough..which one should always keep in mind…Like most of other civil servants, i am not tempted with housing allowances, etc..but worrying how PDP will govern the country if it win..

      Therefore, all the people of Bhutan should think twice and analyze which party can rule the government well and vote for it..Don’t get tempted and overwhelmed by their promises..analyze well before you accept their promises..

  2. Pun,

    If they want to do that it is their problem as to where they will get the money and so on. As citizens we stand to benefit if their promises are fulfilled. If they don’t we will vote them out in 2018. That is the nice thing about democracy.

    Remember AMBITIOUS PROMISES ARE BETTER THAN FULFILLED and that too forcefully executed by dedicated civil servants who had no choice. Government has spent 500,000,000 for each airport that is hardly being used. At least helicopters will go around the country making emergency evacuations, dropping forest volunteers during major forest fires, ferry tourists and visitors. If you are a Gup or living in the rural area you will understand what 2m can do to a community. 

  3. Hello Pun
    How serious are you when you pointed out that PDP is will us the wrong way? I was supporter of DPT and have voted for it through postal ballot.
    Since no good promises are made by DPT, i felt sorry. I and entirity of DCT and Nyamrup are now heading towards PDP because:
    1. The roads are as we saw
    2. If Bhutan had one helicopter those four noble souls who were wahsed by river could have been saved, such things can still happen in future.
    3. This time it is to elect the candidate and not the party, so examples are needed to teach block headed junks like you.
    4. Every gewog needs a farmers bank- Learn some economics before asking why.
    5. Each gewog/Gup needs a vehicle- i want to see Bhutan develop, you want to see it sinking.
    6. Only the constant thing of the universe is change.
    Speak free, dont speak what is untrue. I know no one like you (i mean worst of Bhutanese) is with PDP- i wonder why you dislike it now, is because you thought PDP is a party of good people?

    • Another idiot who does not know anything about how helicopters operate, please, helicopters cannot operate in the dark and nor can they operate in deep ravines. Even if we had helicopters, the lives of those boys who were lost under tragic circumstances would not have been saved, so please stop trying to politicize this tragedy.

  4. dear all,

    every one after helicopter to save life  and  timing. Think for natural weather. unlucky seven boys washed away in the eyes of people. had it been helicopter these life would have been saved. i have an  answer with big NO. because it happened during rainy day and the weather in chukha is known by every body. helicopter can not operate in the places where there is deep gorges and narrowed places. people just talk for  sake of talking. 

    even if PDP buy two copters it will allow to  operate in deep and narrow places. it is just to brain wash and garner the vote from innocent people. 

  5. in the first place why r u guys giving damm to this Pun’s remarks…he is no other than dpt’s chamcha giri who is paid by them just to counteract any dpt-criticisims. don’t wast time on such guys. he is still rustic…like our sharchop rustics, who r head over heel in love with dpt. they will even vote for a criminal’s son.

  6. Pun, PDP has good chances of keeping its promise. PDP will not hire Mackenzie. PDP will make use of talents within the country. We have some who graduated from some of the top universities in the world. The IT park has become a white elephant and so will Education City. PDP has track record for fighting corruption while DPT supported corrupt party officials and undermined ACC. Bhutan lottery business in India was our cash cow that was screwed up by DPT. PDP has the credentials to resume Bhutan lottery business in India. If we want our resources to be utilized in the best interests of our country, Tshering Tobgay is the person who can deliver it. Tshering Tobgay returned his Prado worth at least 30 lakhs to public coffer while others want to suck as much as they can.

    • Dear all,
      lets wait for July 13. I see voters are cleverer than politicians. Lets not conclude here. Many things can change. Very exciting time ahead.

    • The advice given by Mckinsey will work if our bureaucrats follow what they have suggested, unfortunately, in Bhutan, our civil servants are the ones who create all the problems. As an example, if you visit the Immigration office in Pling, they keep our Indian guests standing for up to three just hours just to issue a permit. If you don’t believe me, ask any tourist guide that has the unenviable task of having to visit the Immigration office with their Indian guests. I hope the DG does something to mitigate such problems and that a directive is sent which says that issuing of a permit should not take more than 15 minutes.

  7. i would say it does not matter which party wins or lose the final round of election. why because we see parties and its candidates say will give this and that which if we see practically is not possible. DPT was in power for 5 year, what did they do, nothing for the first 3 years except implementing new acts. how many acts are there in bhutan, the list goes to hundreds, and did any of the party candidate educate common people on this acts? nope they never did. when tobacco act was implemented the people in villages came to know few clauses when their relatives were imposed fine and some landed in prision. 
    so party candidates please stop making promises which can never be implemented and which are difficult to implement because its 100% that any party will not do. just promise on realistic things

    • DPT did nothing, that’s why they still have a massive majority, even going by the primary rounds. A government that does nothing would not even make it through the primaries.

  8. Dorji Thinley

    Forget about Nu.2.000. What about the bolero, fuel to run 205 beleros, 205 drivers to fill its belly, number of chiwogs times power tiller, 2 jazzy helicopters + pilot+fuel & many more.

    • support ur dpt and if u r a civil sevant, strive to live happily, if ur a bussinessman, like the pedestrian day, and if u r a farmer ply those good roads of ur dpt…..

  9. A time has come for the educated and the villagers to think objectively and seriously at the time of voting for the general election. So far DPT has done very well but given the choice PDP has clearly indicated that it will be doing better than DPT for the reasons best known to all of us. We are all for the PDP.
    There will never, ever another better timing than now to forge very strong relations amongst PDP, DNT and DCT. What could then PDP do? Focus all the energies in those constituencies where there is a marginal gain by DPT, it will work miracle for the PDP this time, no more surprises and even layman can predict the results this time. However, the PDP and its alliances should not waste your time in penetrating in the stronghold of DPT like all the constituencies in Pema Gatshel, Galing shongphu of Wangdi Norbu; Wangchang of Khandu Wangchuk; Tang of Dr Pema Gyamtsho. We are suggesting PDP to forget these constituencies because it may be too late to fight battle as there is hardly six weeks and moreover, the DPT has own overwhelmingly in these strongholds. But PDP should keep and watch their eyes still as one never know the trick of DPT.
    Having said this, PDP should be able to win from many other constituencies especially from those constituencies where the results of DPT is not overwhelming. PDP and DNT have to really work together and PDP must be ready to share some Ministerial posts to the members from DNT. It will be really a hard work for the PDP and its alliance but it will be more than worth of it.
    When the DPT was initially formed with the alliances of a group of five powerful Ministers like YZ, KW, JYT, UT and some red scarf officers like Zangla or in sharchop Jatsha and made a landslide winner, why can’t PDP and its alliances with DNT and DCT win though it may not be overwhelming victory. With this prediction, PDP will form a government with the T Togay at the helm and Aum Dorji Choden as the Dy PM. Yogesh Tamang may become Minister for MOLHR; Dasho Jigme Zangpo for MOHCA; Chimi Dorji of Punakha as Dy Minister for MoHCA; Damcho Dorji for MOFA; Dawa Gyeltshen for MOWHS; Dophu for MOA; Dasho Mingbo Dukpa for MOE; Tshewang Jurmey of Bumthang as Dy. Minister for MOE; Jai Bir Rai (DNT) of P/ling as the Dy Minister for MOWHS; Rinzing Dorji of P/ling as the Secretary General and Vice President of PDP; Leki Dorji (DNT) of Trong, Z/gang for MOIC; Tandin Wangchuk as the Dy Minister for MOEA; Likewise the list can go on. We want to see DPT Ministers in blue Kaney this time, but JYT will make very strong OL as well as he can guide the ruling government. So JYT is going to have dual responsibility as OL and the Minister Mentor provided PDP listens accept him as the Minster Mentor.

  10. OLD IS GOLD… !!!! we are back with same old two parties…  just hope people choose the best candidates ,not the party unlike 2008. 

    • I agree what you said Mr: hope. Till 2018 DPT should rule the country so that our tiny country will be true good exemplary of young democracy in the globe. Let these experienced and talented lots to make Bhutan more recognizable in the world and to make good mind set for the Bhutanese people not to involve in any corruption. Bhutan can’t afford corruption in any level. Bhutanese people are not for false pledges taking bribe. we need clean democracy         

  11. Ha ha ………. u will gain nothing by supporting any of the parties only to waste your time

  12. Jigme Zangpo did not stop DPT’s landslide victory in Mongar dzongkhag. He did not even win in his own constituency. He got just 34% of the votes. It is Dorji Choden who really dented DPT in Trashigang. She won in her constituency with 62% of the votes. To confer such a praise to an undeserving candidate is not expected from TheBhutanese.
    One should be wary with the credential of Jigme Zangpo. He is one of the beneficiaries of the Gyalpozhing land scam alongwith some heavyweights of DPT. In addition Jigme Zampo is a key figure in the controversial Supreme construction contract committee. With these excess baggages he will be a liability to any political party.

  13. will there be anyone more stupid then mongarpas for supporting dpt despite the gyelposhing mongar cae…so so stupid…

    • ,
      Ha ha ………. if u want to support PDP support no one can stop u from that , But mind that mongarpas are not stupid only u are stupid.

  14. It was common in this site that majority of the comments were posted by civil servants when there is any article accusing former govt. The fact is civil servants were given acknowledgement(bow) for supporting the party in 2008 and by end of their tenure in 2013 the were again called for the supporting them for ongoing elections with bow. how could any civil servant be not aware of functioning of former government? Any efforts/hard works, initiatives and credits of the civil servants/cooperate were proudly taken by the Ex-govt. when it comes to failure of any govt./cooperate/autonomous bodies they are out of it. For instance during rupee crunches they accused RMA governor for failing to monitor (i heard he even got scolding). This was happening now and then in past five years in every govt/cooperate organizations. I have got an opportunity for observing such one meeting of government and ministry on reporting progresses, believe me, secretaries, directors and other chief programme officer were scolded like a kindergarten kids. New government may come and go, but at the core civil servants are the ones who runs the show behind the scene…….it would be nice if you come on stage at times to be acknowledge by your people…….good wishes.

  15. If DPT win then civil servants will have similar working style but if PDP win then working environment will be different, working  approach will be different and ministers will be different.

    OLD is GOLD is not always true. We love new car, building and new idea!

    • But u will not become different. Your mantal status will remain same. There is no Ruppee to buy new cars and to construct new buildings

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