Jobs for Bhutanese in Construction, Agriculture and Tourism Infrastructure: Foreign Minister

During the press conference held yesterday, the Foreign Minister Lyonpo Tandi Dorji highlighted that the government anticipates that the COVID-19 situation will have a lasting effect on world economy until next year or more.

He stated that the people who have lost their jobs abroad and have returned home may not be able to go back the respective countries of work any time soon, and said that the government wants to help out those individuals who would like to stay back in the country so they can provide their services and expertise here.

While phasing out some of the plans in place for the 12th FYP, Lyonpo highlighted the areas which have an immediate scarcity due to the COVID-19 situation, and instead of looking at COVID-19’s negative impact and being counter-productive, it is time to fill in the gaps left by the imported workforce.

He added that the prominent sectors under consideration are in the construction, agriculture, waste management, roads, and renovation and beautification works along the tourism hotspots as there are no visitors at present.

He said the those interested in taking part to serve the nation can do so by developing the road from Tashigang to Haa, building more toilets along the tourism hotspots, beautification of Taktshang route and other things, like helping out the government to control the dog population.

He also stated that there are many plans under the 12th FYP that will require as much manpower as possible in these times of global emergency.

He signified gratitude towards His Majesty’s Kidu efforts that also covers the section of the Bhutanese people who have come back home from abroad. He said that the government will provide help through the labour ministry to streamline the personnel as per the interest and willingness to take up such jobs.

Lyonpo Tandi Dorji said, “If they are interested, we will consider giving encouraging fees, material support and also training and a uniform-to-work system, which we believe might retain a good amount of future Bhutanese youth to serve the nation directly.”

He also pointed out the fact that there are other scope and possibilities for those individuals who have innovative entrepreneurship ideas. He said, “Under the Department of Cottage & Small Industry powered by the CSI flagship, there are loans at rates as low as 2-4 percent, and further if the businesses have a scope of expansion and becoming multi-national companies, the government will provide further assistance.”

Lyonpo concluded, “If all these works are carried on by them, there would be a great way forward for the nation, in terms of further self-sustainability.”

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  1. Kinley Wangchuk

    Can we also get the job la.since our hotel has been closed since March 5th…

  2. Phurpa Wangchuk

    Yes i agree what govt is saying ..
    My point of view what i anlise is
    Every day i reach absmd up date world news
    World is getting worse and internally preparing for the third world war on top of that already biological war has started and day by day economic will go down and such a small country hard to survive there is chances to get stop erection problem so this is the best chance and opportunity to produce everything in Bhutan make self sufficient to do that culture is most because even our neighbouring country they cannot supply us livestock so now this is high time to prepare and I request you 2 hour citizen citizen of Bhutan please focus on agriculture and let us make self sufficient so that near future we don’t have to depend livestock to our neighbouring country and also small industry if you can produce need item in our country our money will remain inside the country just now what is happening is 60 to 70 percentage of our money is going out if you focus 70 to 80 percentage of our money will remain inside our country we are blessed with king and great tantrik guru rimpochee and great lamas this is the high time to show so good example to the world is the vision of our great fourth king gross national happiness…
    We r one nation one people..
    If we want we can produce every thing here
    Made in Bhutan
    We are really appreciate to present GOVT keeping our great king vision alive
    I strongly support GOVT
    And i am always there for my king and country

    Long live our king
    True citizen of BHUTAN.

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