Journalists ask if media is just for the sake of publicity at CSO meet

On February 14th, Save the Children Bhutan, in partnership with Bhutan Transparency Initiative (BTI) and Renew, launched a transformative EU-funded initiative titled “Towards Empowering Bhutanese CSOs for Good Governance and Inclusive Development.”

The event witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including the Speaker of the National Assembly and representatives from various parliamentary bodies, CSOs, media houses, and national and international agencies.

The representative from Save the Children Bhutan mentioned that this project launch is solely to strengthen the Bhutanese CSOs as an independent actors of good governance and inclusive development that aims to meet the provision of Article 9(3) of the constitution which states, “The state shall endeavor to create a civil society free of operation, discrimination and violence based on the rule of law, protection of human rights and dignity, and to ensure the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people.”

Emphasizing a 42-month timeline, the project will operate collaboratively with the Parliament, CSOs/CBOs, and media houses.

However, questions arose regarding the inclusion of media houses, with concerns raised about the depth of collaboration beyond mere storytelling.

When questioned about including the media houses to collaborate with CSOs, representative from the media house expressed that this could be just for the purpose of storytelling. While appreciative of the inclusive approach, concerns were voiced about selective coverage of positive stories and limited access to detailed information when questioned about investigative reports such as corruptions.

Another source asked if they are doing this to gain attention or publicity as when media are in need of information no one is ready to provide them with detailed information.

He said, “We media houses are called only to cover the news where one does a good deed. However, I am thankful that you have included media houses in your project inclusively.”

When asked if there is any other specific activity more than just storytelling. The CSOs said that they are not including media just for the sake of trying to cover the issues.

CSO representatives clarified: “The media involvement goes beyond storytelling, we have outlined specific activities aimed to help the media organization in collaboration with the CSOs in terms of taking any development related issues to the limelight of the government.

During the launch of the project the presenters also mentioned about having over 50 CSOs which the questioner suggested that for a small society like ours, what if we have less CSOs where one can have a good funding.

To which a representative from the BTI said, “There is no magical number as to have an exact number of CSOs, he clarifies that CSOs will close down their office once their work is done.”

The project’s primary objective, as highlighted by CSOs, is to empower Bhutanese CSOs as independent agents promoting good governance and inclusive development.

The initiative strives to create a society free from discrimination and violence, upholding the rule of law and protecting human rights.

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