Justice is Nu 10,000 away in hit-and-run case

The forensic unit with the national referral hospital (JDWNRH) in Thimphu are positive that a DNA test of the three samples collected from different parts of a red Toyota Hilux (pick-up truck) seized on the night of 17 September will bring the culprit responsible to justice in the hit-and-run case where a 23-year old woman was knocked down to death on the same night near the Dhejung Honda showroom on the expressway in Thimphu.

The red Toyota Hilux was caught from the swimming pool road by the Thimphu traffic police on suspicion that it might be the vehicle which ran over the 23 year old Zangmo.

“Swabbing from different parts of the vehicle was taken, out of 10 samples. Three samples tested positive for the presence of occult blood (presence of blood in the samples taken) and if a DNA test is done on these three samples, we might get something,” said an official from the forensic unit.

He said that Genetech Laboratory in Sri Lanka was contacted to do DNA test on the three samples to match with the deceased’s blood stain which was found on her cloth during the time of the accident.

The total expenditure for the DNA test would amount to Nu 10,000 and the question is who will bear the cost to have the DNA test conducted since the victim’s family is poor and won’t be able to afford the cost, said a source.

When the vehicle was seized, the windshield of the vehicle was smashed, and the forensic report stated that the extensive windshield damage and positive test for the blood are indicative that an animate object having relatively heavy and large surface area had struck the windshield.

On 1 October, the forensic experts were requested by the traffic police to examine and give their expert opinions on the vehicle which was seized.

The suspect’s vehicle had damages, blood stains, mud-stains which indicated that vehicles bumper had struck some animate object which caused some blood stain to be transferred on to the bumper and something heavy and blunt had fallen on to its plastic bucket on the front left corner of the luggage bucket causing it to fracture.

Other findings of the forensic team also included that the vehicle was speeding and the injury pattern on the victim confirmed the absence of the brake marks at the scene of accident.

The deceased had succumbed to severe head and chest injuries and she died after she reached the emergency ward of JDWNRH.

The deceased, Zangmo was working as a sweeper with the Honda showroom.

It was also learnt that the owner of the vehicle denied his involvement in the hit and run case.

Officials from the traffic division are still investigating the case but a Nu 10,000 DNA test stands as the probable last barrier for justice to be done.


Chencho Dema /Thimphu

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  1. This is a hit and run case. It is the duty of Government to protect Her citizen and eliminate terrorist. So nu 10,000 no doubt- must be handled by government and culprit must be dealt as per law- if he/she is not related to JYT

    • … I am willing to donate but forced to see if the culprit is related to one of our high-ranking bureaucrats. Today I feel ashamed that I am a Bhutanese and I cannot extend a helping hand to another Bhutanese

  2. Bhutan has still miles to learn from the outside world instead of living into the self imposed exile or back in the 16th century, who said the the DNA test fee cannot be paid. Is it the traffic police, Is it the health department or is it the DPT government?. Remember guys, I am highlighting you again that even in India, where its population is in billions, any person meeting with an accident on the roads/highway can avail free medical assistance from any nearby private/gov hospitals whose costs is born by the government later on and in our case we are talking only in terms of few tens and hundreds. DOES IT MEAN THAT THE DECEASED CANNOT AVAIL FULL JUSTICE BECAUSE HER FAMILY CANNOT PROVIDE mere Nu. 10,000=000. Shame on the soil of true Buddhist philosophy and ashamed to be called Bhutanese.

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