K9 helps recover burgled items

A member of the Royal Bhutan Police’s K9 canine squad helped recover several heirlooms, including jewelry, hidden in the nearby bushes, burgled from a home in Paro on the night of August 1.

According to police, the K9 canine helped recover five gold rings worth of Nu 225,000, two gold chains worth of Nu 258,000, two Ivory cups, a Dza phob (wooden cup), a gold plated silver chaka worth of Nu 27,000 and a gold plated silver Timi worth Nu 25,000. These items, in a broken suitcase, were found in the bushes 120 metres from the burgled home in Tshento, Paro, according to police.

The home was also burgled of Nu 3,700,000 in cash in denominations of Nu 1000, 500 and 100, 19 pairs of coral, six gold Vajra worth of Nu 135,000 and two cat’s eye (two eyes) according to the victim.

At 2 am on August 2 police received a complaint from a 37- year-old woman that her home in Tshento had been broken into. Police said the burglar had entered the house from the back window.

None of the stolen cash was recovered.

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