Kaka Tshering Wins Paro

Former school principal and 2008 PDP candidate Kaka Tshering from Paro edged a victory over his four other rivals in Paro with 2,422 votes of which the Electronic Voting Machine votes 2,190 and the Postal Ballot votes were 232 votes.
The others who were not were far behind were Kinley Dorji got 2,075 votes, Ugyen Tshering got 2,071 votes including postal ballot votes, Sonam Wangchuk got 2,056 votes and Tshewang Norbu got 1583 votes.

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  1. Congratulation KAKAJI! We knew you were going to win. Except for Tshewang Norbu who is very senior, others were all parrots,

  2. congrats sir, 
    like u bring a great discipline to ur schools, hope u do the same in disciplining the parliamentarians.

  3. hats off to u…..

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