Karmaling faces electricity and water problems


Residents of 90 households in Karmaling gewog under Dagana are disheartened with the dismal state of water and the electricity services.
Many of the residents who are farmers depend on the annual harvest of farm produce to trade and earn money.
According to gewog Gup Gyan Bdr. Subbha, the proposal of construction of an irrigation channel for the gewog to the Government was rejected due to budget constraints, although such works were planned for the 11th Five Year Plan (FYP).
“For the 11th FYP, there was also a talk about the 56 kilometers of road connection from Gesarling gewog to Lhamoizingkha gewog (Kalikhola) where the works have started with the surveying of the roads, but due to this all the private lands of the residents have been affected,”said Gup Gyan Bdr. Subbha.
For some of the chiwogs within the gewog area there has been some development works done with the rural water supply scheme (RWSS), especially in Deorali Bridge and in Kusum bhari.
The Gup said an amount of Nu 450,000 was received for the works.
Talking to some of the residents in the gewog Boram Sherpa, 33, said, “It has been for a long time that we are suffering from the shortage of water and electricity. Mostly, villagers suffer during the times of the plantations and we depend on the rainfall as there is no such water source in the gewog.”
Boram Sherpa said people cannot say whether the problem stems from the Government or the gewog administration.
During the summer times the village houses don’t receive electricity for more than 15 days at a time.
“When we ask the Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) about the problem they keep saying it is not their problem”.

Sonam Wangmo 

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