Karna Gewog completes Common forum

Over the past four days the candidates contesting for Gup, Mangmi and Tshogpa in Karna gewog, Dagana, had the opportunity to present their manifestos and interact with their voters through the common forum platform organized by the election commission.

Each candidate got 10 minutes to present their manifesto.

The first common forum was held at Namgyaling Primary School on the 13th for Jurugang chiwog starting from 9am until afternoon. This was followed by Bartsha Chiwog at Lungtengang ORC on the 14th and two consecutive forums on same day at Dalithang Chiwog and Poongzhi Chiwog. The last common forum was held yesterday.

There are two Gup candidates from Jurugang and Lhaling Chiwog, three Mangmi candidates from Lhaling, Dalithang and Bartsa Chiwog and 12 Tshogpa candidates from various chiwogs.

The two Gup candidate Lhawang Dorji and Chado presented about service delivery focusing on extension of farm roads, irrigation channel and water supply. Both candidates promised to serve the people with equity and justice and to act as a strong bridge between government and people.

A minimum of 100 people from each Chiwog has attended the common forum. “During the last term, hardly 150 voters turned out whereas this year during the primary round itself there was 307 voters,” said the Lhaling Gup candidate, Lhawang Dorji, adding that most of the people seem to have understood the importance of voting.

The gewog has about 2000 eligible voters from total of 510 households.

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