Khamdang Students build a chorten to cherish solid memories

As emotionally-bound beings charged with sentiments of every magnitude, nostalgia rules high and predominantly and wells up memories especially in places and moments that involve departures or revisits.

For one it could be the fondness of revisiting a place which holds great sentimental values, the memories of which one cherishes over and over again year after year or it could be the pain of leaving one that holds everything dear and memorable.

Likewise, some 29 class VIII students from Khamdang Lower Secondary School, in order to cement their memories of school years is underway with the construction of a Chorten to burn incense in the school.

The first batch of students will be passing out from Khamdang Lower Secondary School, Trashiyangtse.

These students came together with an initiative to contribute something for the school which will be of benefit to the School and juniors as well, the upcoming students in future.

A class teacher of class VIII, Ugyen Chhedak after learning about the students’ initiative decided to coordinate their small project since they needed some guidance. He said it was also because he thought it to be for a good cause.

The students had decided to take on the work without any help from skilled laborers or any other external help since they wanted it to be a personal creation.

The construction work started from yesterday and it will be completed in three to four days.

The cost involved to complete the chorten is shared by the students through individual contributions. The collected amount would be used to buy cements, stones and so on. The total budget for the construction is almost Nu 5,000.

The class teacher and Coordinator for the students’ chorten initiative Ugyen Chhedak said the School has other facilities like computer, toilets, water, football grounds and so on but didn’t have a proper place to burn incense.

“Studying at the school and having benefited from facilities of the School and thinking that it will at least add on the list of facilities in the school, they have come up with such contribution since we do not have a chorten,” he said.

The Khamdang School turned into a Lower Secondary in the year 2011 and this year it will see its first batch of students who will pass out from the school.

The school was started since 2005 and currently the School has 335 students with 12 teachers.

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