Koma Tshachu will get a permanent bridge

Koma Tshachu, a hot spring believed to heal broken bones and joints  will finally has better access with a permanent  bridge.  The new bridge was built by Ex-chimi, Gyembo Dorji. Till now a temporary bridge was  used which was always washed away during monsoon.

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  1. dear dawa gyelmo,

    the report might have been bit clear and informative if you could reflect the sources of the fund and the the authority who is going to execute the construction work. this hot spring lies in the gewog where people are torn apart due to some brutal hungry influencial people whose decision have severly affected the innocent people. BBS ran few coverages on the gewog development atmosphere but always interviewd the wrong person. when ever some development works are to be executed a serious corrption has been involved. your report on relocation of Rotsho goemba also did not reflect the true reason requiring location.

  2. so Dophu, Name of the reporter was Dawa Zangmo and not Dawa Gyelmo; plez do note that!!!

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