Foreign Secretary, Ambassador Pema Choden and Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Lee Jang-keun

Korea gifts electric cars to Bhutan

Mr. Lee Jang-keun, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Bhutan, handed over four electric cars (Hyundai Kona) to Ambassador Pema Choden, Foreign Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 4 August.

 The electric cars are provided by the Government of the Republic of Korea under its Small Grant Aid for the year 2021 to the Bhutan. Since 2016, the Ministry has received 22 cars from the Government of the Republic of Korea, including the current four Hyundai Kona electric cars.

The Foreign Secretary, in her remarks, said that the four electric cars will contribute to the Royal Government’s efforts to promote a low carbon transport system which is one of the identified actions for low emission development to support Bhutan’s effort to remain carbon neutral in our first Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement.

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