Lack of crematory space an issue for the people

Insufficient crematory space has emerged as a significant concern for the public as the existing facility in Thimphu accommodates only 10 bodies.

The limited capacity often results in overcrowding, prompting individuals to set up their own tents due to the restricted and small storage rooms available.

To secure a crematory spot, individuals must contact the caretaker, Mr. Kailash Rai, and follow a three-step process: booking the cremation spot, reserving storage space, and finally securing a room for the deceased.

While the cremation service itself is provided free of charge, individuals are required to cover the cost of firewood, priced at Nu. 2700.

Challenges arise due to the scarcity of storage rooms and kitchen facilities, compelling people to bring their own tents for extensions.

Unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to tents and other necessities, leading some to rent these items from event organizations unless they are affiliated with the military or have relatives there.

The facility comprises a total of nine rooms for storing deceased bodies. Five of these rooms, having remained unchanged since their construction, are small and compact, while the remaining four were built in 2008.

The cremation place in hejo is also compact with limited space. Just next to the traditional crematory, there’s an Electric crematorium. 

There’s total of six spots for the electric crematory. One is for the higher officials and other five is for the general public. However, only one of the five crematories is operational.

Talking with Pema Tshering, who volunteers helping people with the cremation said, “It is more convenient to use electric crematorium compared to the traditional one. There’s less work to do and less smoke as well however, Bhutanese doesn’t really opt for this.”

Despite the advantages, it is said that Bhutanese individuals often prefer traditional cremation methods based on their religious beliefs. The electric crematorium was last utilized a year ago.

According to some source, there are discussions about potentially shifting the cremation site from Hejo to Hongtsho, raising questions about the existing crematory in Hejo.

Despite repeated attempts, the paper was unsuccessful in contacting the relevant officials for comments on this matter.

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