Land Use Certificate benefits youths in Pemagatshel

The Land Use Certificate (LUC) project under His Majesty’s People’s Project at Kerong under Choekhorling gewog is benefiting a group of 9 youths (3 females and 6 males) from Pemagatshel who are all educated.

His Majesty The King awarded them with a land so that they can use it for farming and for any livestock business. The project was started in August 2018, and they could yield farm produce for sale within a span of a year. The youth farmers also receive support in three phases provided by the dzongkhag.

An official from Pemagatshel said that the first phase support focus is on short-term goals providing immediate benefits and focuses on dairy and poultry production. The second phase is medium-term goals where the focus is on certain plans that can bear fruits in one to two years.  Likewise, the third phase is the long-term goals where the youth can plan and work towards plans that can bear fruits in three to four years and beyond. Nu 2 million was invested to initially set up the project.

32-year-old Kinga Yeshi, the only college graduate in the group, said that he is privileged and honored to be a part of the project. “I graduated in 2011, however, I did not look out for jobs. I was into farming but did not get better opportunities. After knowing about this project, through local leaders, we formed a group and started a business together,” he added.

He said that the group had initially started their business in agriculture, but due to the poor soil quality, there was not anything substantial to yield from the soil. Therefore, they decided to go for livestock farming that can give them an immediate benefit.

“We then got full support from the dzongkhag, and without having to spend a single Ngultrum, we got 500 plus chickens, and they already started giving eggs. Though all the chickens do not produce eggs for now, however, we get 280 pieces of eggs each day,” he said.

He shared that they were very happy and excited, at times, to see themselves making an income. They sell the eggs to the local market at Nu 10 per piece and they take egg orders from Nanglam. The group has plans to expand their market in future, he said.

“We will be soon getting cows for the production of dairy products and we are excited about it. The construction of cow sheds and other infrastructure is completed,” Kinga Yeshi said.

He said that they did not face any challenge, so far, because they have not spent any money to start the project. Nonetheless, he said that protecting chickens from the wildlife is a concern.

“If our business goes well and if we can earn good in the future, we have plans to develop the business with better infrastructure. We will make payment system though we do not have any for now as we just started earning,” he said.

“We are very thankful to His Majesty The King for His Majesty’s support and for having trust and faith in the youth,” he said, and further added, “We can do it. I believe that we have a better future. We will do our best, and if given the opportunity, we will try to expand our group by adding more youths.”

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