Layaps meet the PM

Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y Thinley returned to the capital this week after a three day visit to the remote gewog of Laya, Gasa.

During his visits Lyonchhen interacted with the local government members of Khamed and Laya gewogs, civil servants and the people of Laya.

At the meeting with the public on 1 November, Lyonchhen said that the purpose of his visit was to thank the people of Laya in person for continuing to carry out their responsibilities as nomads and yak herders in harsh terrains under difficult weather conditions, and thereby playing their role in protecting the boundary.

Several issues including the 10th Plan activities were discussed with the public along with its achievements and the challenges facing few Plan activities. The progress on the common minimum program was also discussed. The Rural Water Supply Scheme coverage in Laya has reached 97%, mobile connectivity is 100% and rural electrification (off-grid) is 100%.

The people of Laya were happy to note that student enrollment has reached 97.3%, stated the news release from the Prime Minister’s Office.

However, Layaps had raised concerns over the possibility of children dropping out of school once they completed primary education at the Laya Primary School. Parents said that most of their children faced difficulties adapting to schools in other gewogs and dzongkhags they were transferred-to, and requested the government for an upgradation of school into a junior high school. Lyonchhen assured the parents that the government will consider the request to upgrade the school in order to allow students to study in Laya until class VIII.

Another issue put up for discussions during the meeting with the Lyonchhen was the housing shortage for civil servants in Gasa dzongkhag. Also discussed at the meeting with the PM was the delay facing the GC Road to Laya (Tongchudrag).

Planning officials informed the public that the survey was now complete along with the design and environmental clearance. Lyonchhen also spoke on the importance of preserving the cultural identity of Laya and also the importance of tourism in the area. Human-wildlife conflict issues were also discussed along with the dwindling cordyceps production. The cordyceps production in Laya in 2011 was 22.23 kgs compared to 83.136 kgs in 2010 and 101.213 kgs in 2009.

On 1 November, Lyonchhen met the students of Laya Primary School (LPS) and Lungo Extended Classroom (ECR). There are 126 students in LPS and 42 students at the ECR. He also visited the Tashi Lhakhang, which was renovated under one of Laya’s 10th Plan major activities.

Lyonchhen also inaugurated the Rural Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) at Tongra village in Laya.

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