Less crime this New Year’s eve due to better vigilance

Thimphu police received only three cases on the night of the New Year’s Eve 2018, as compared to the previous year where 9 criminal cases were lodged.

The Police have received one larceny case and two battery cases that night. Police said that in regard to the larceny case, they received a complaint from a labour claiming that someone took his mobile phone while he was outside.

The separate battery cases took place in bars in the town. According to the police, both the suspects of the battery case are still at large. Both the victims sustained with minor injuries. The victims claimed that they do not know the suspects and that they just came in groups and fled the crime scene after battering them.

Active and vigilant response from the duty personnel is attributed to the drop in the crime during, police added. Traffic division of Thimphu did not receive any Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) that night.

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