Less illegal dumping of construction waste: Thimphu Thromde

The increasing amount of urban construction waste due to rapid development and construction activities in Thimphu is a cause of concern. However, Thimphu District Municipality (TDM) say there is no issue with illegal dumping of construction waste in the capital as people are more educated and aware of where to dump the construction waste.

Chief Environment Officer, TDM, Tshering Penjor said that there are a few cases of illegal dumping of construction waste, however, most construction wastes are dump in designated area, like many land area reclamation sites in the capital.

He said that a penalty is Nu 9000 per truck load is slapped on people if they happen to dump the construction waste in places other than the designated areas.

He said, “During my tenure, I have not received complaints of illegal dumping of the construction waste because we have lot of areas where we can transport the excavated soil and demolished materials, but in truck parking areas, there were two truck-load of construction waste dumped illegally during midnight.”

He added that there are 13 inspectors to look after the waste dumping. There are two inspectors assigned in every zone to monitor the dumping of construction waste and other waste too.

He said, “We are proud that construction companies are more aware of the waste that they throwing. They always approach us before demolition and excavation and seek environmental clearance. During that time, we used to brief them that they are not allowed to throw construction waste anywhere.”

According to TDM, the construction companies have to write applications to TDM to provide them with a site for waste disposal before starting their construction works. TDM then allots respective zone inspectors for necessary inspection of the site available within their jurisdiction.

“Normally we don’t get solid walls as such because scarp dealers hunt for this type of waste as it has iron materials,” Chief Environment Officer, Tshering Penjor said.

He said that Greener Way is always conducting waste awareness programs and the Thromde has also adequately educated the public on waste management. He said that compared to the previous years, people are now better educated and aware of the waste disposal and saving our pristine environment. He added, “Fines and penalty imposed on them is not good, and it is only through education that people will become more aware.”

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