Lessons from History

Throughout history nations big and small, powerful and weak have fallen far more often due to their own internal contradictions than the strength of an aggressive foreign power.

There are also examples of small but united and determined people and countries standing up to and succeeding against tremendous odds and against great powers.

While so many, big and small, have fallen throughout history, including in the neighborhood, Bhutan, throughout its history, despite its comparatively small size and population has avoided the same faith.

This is due its ability to present a united front and make the right strategic moves.

Equally and if not more important has been the presence of strong and wise rulers at key points in Bhutan’s history to harness and guide this natural energy and spirit of the Bhutanese people.

There has been this strong interweaving of a united people and good and strong leadership which has proven formidable for those wanting to test the fabric of Bhutan through its long and glorious history.

In the cultural nuance this trust among the people and their leaders has been often expressed in the unique Bhutanese expression and trait of ‘Tha Damtshi.’

In its essence today the people have placed their full faith in our Kings and our Kings have delivered time and again to take Bhutan and its people to greater heights and an unparalleled age of prosperity.

We can be proud as Bhutanese and go anywhere in the world with our heads held high as Bhutan also has a stellar international image and surprisingly effective soft power due to our Kings.

An observation of Bhutanese history shows that it is the people and the nation that suffers when this interwoven fabric is weakened internally as was apparent in the long and chaotic times before the faithful year of 1907.

“No matter how tiny you look, you can lead huge men if you have what the huge men don’t have.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

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